Hi and welcome to our News & Tips page. Here you’ll find a lot of great music to listen to but more than anything I want to promote and introduce you to the future of blues piano. Please support the incredibly talented artists on this page. Some of them are just starting out and some of them already have great music available on iTunes and by supporting them you’ll be “Keeping The Blues Alive”

TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE: If anyone has a favorite blues tune, or any tune at all that you would love to have transcribed to sheet music, I can highly recommend this guy for the job, John Zechiel. You can contact John at this link: https://www.zechielmusictranscription.com/

Breaking News !!


Swanage Blues Festival  3-6 October 2024

Swanage is a small town in England that hosts one of the biggest blues festivals in the world. 4 days, 30 bands and 100 artists. An amazing event not to be missed if you can get there. You’ll find all the details here: Swanage Blues Festival


San Francisco Boogie Woogie Festival Returns in 2024 – November 10th

An amazing line up as always;






 MORE DETAILS HERE: SF Boogie Woogie Festival

You Must Watch This!!

Here’s what makes this website so worthwhile. This is 9 year old Emily from Auckland, New Zealand. She’s been playing the piano for 3 and a half years. Here she plays Albert Ammons’ Boogie Woogie Blues which is available on our free sheet music page. This is what it’s all about “Keeping The Blues Alive”

This is Amazing!!!  Emily 1 year later.

Emily’s progress is unbelievable. Here she is playing Reveille Boogie only 1 week after getting the sheet music.


Please support Emily and Subscribe to her YouTube channel:

Emily Joy YouTube

WOW! Check This Out !!!
Cristian Poyo Moya from Spain got the sheets from our website for “This Is The Blues” by Otis Spann and here is the result. Wow! what a talent. Well done Cristian you play this perfectly. Subscribe to his YouTube channel if you want to hear more awesome blues piano like this.


We’re so lucky to have Chase support this website and provide some of the best Blues Piano music there is. Chase is an extremely talented young blues pianist from St Louis U.S.A. At only 34 years of age, Chase really is a present day “Blues Legend” He already writes, plays and sings the blues like a 60 year old legend from the 1950’s. Chase also has his own website, check it out, you might even find out he’s doing a live show near you.  www.chasegarrett.com He has some great CD’s out featuring other well known blues pianists as well as himself. You’ll also find him on iTunes, CD Baby & Amazon.


Chase plays lots of live gigs all over the world and you will often find him playing gigs in St Louis and he’s a regular guest at the San Francisco Boogie Woogie Festival held every year in November. This truly international Boogie Woogie extravaganza has become famous among blues and boogie woogie piano fans. You’ll find some of the biggest names in the business from all over the world participating. 

Here Chase plays “My Chile” by Jay McShann

If you always wished you could play professional sounding blues piano like Chase, here’s the good news, now you can. Chase shares my passion for “Keeping The Blues Alive” and together we have produced complete note for note transcriptions of his best recordings, including lyrics for all you aspiring blues artists. Just go to our Blues Piano Sheets page.

Watch Chase playing live at his 5th Annual Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Stomp. Here he plays “Prison Bound Blues” note for note sheet music with lyrics available on our Blues Piano Sheets page. and don’t forget to support Chase by buying his music on iTunes, Amazon & CD Baby.

Want more? Check out this totally awesome original composition from Chase. A complete note for note transcription of this recording “Mrs Blues” is available now on our Blues Piano Sheet Music page.

It’s the beginning of 2017 and my year couldn’t have started any better. 

2 years ago a young 15 year old, Clark Cahill, from New South Wales in Australia got the sheets from this website to Pascal Wintz arrangement of “Georgia On My Mind”. Clark wrote to me asking for some advice because his hands were too small to reach some of the big chords. Since then he’s been practicing so hard for 2 years and he just emailed me to let me know he started a YouTube channel. The results of his hard work are amazing. This is exactly why I started this website, so young ones like Clark can learn to play the blues.

Please check him out playing Georgia at his school and please subscribe to his YouTube channel. Click on YouTube at the bottom of his video to go to his channel. I know he’s going to be uploading lots more awesome blues in the future.


Pascal Wintz from France is one of the best Jazz & Blues pianists out there today. We’re so lucky he supports this website and has shared his amazing piano arrangements with us. Please support him in return, he has so much really great music for you to enjoy and it’s all available at this link: www.concertdescimes.com

Also if you live in France or close by, can you imagine how special it would be to have Pascal play piano at your private function. Here’s a link where you can see what Pascal can do to make your special occasion unforgettable. Pascal Wintz Piano

Pascal has a selection of fantastic albums and here’s a couple of samples of his music.

It’s not easy to find such high quality recordings of this music from days gone by. Pascal plays some of the best tunes ever produced. All available here: www.concertdescimes.com


Youtube’s biggest blues piano star with millions of views starting at age 12 with some stunning performances. An absolutely brilliant and talented young blues pianist from Germany. The level that Luca has achieved, especially as a composer of original piano blues, is hard to comprehend given his young age. Luca already has two fantastic albums out on iTunes or if you prefer to buy the CD’s you can go to his website, www.lucasestak.com  If you live in his part of the world you’ll also find info on his regular live gigs as well.

NEWS FLASH: Great news for blues piano fans. Luca Sestak has released 5 transcriptions of his best piano solos in 1 sheet music book “FAVORITES “. Info and ordering here on our: Blues Piano Sheets Page

Here’s something from Luca that will just blow you away “Joogie Wazz” If you want more, click the bottom right hand corner of the video to go to his Youtube channel.

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WATCH  THIS  SPACE!  Dan Popek  from Germany. Only 21 years old and already has a huge amount of talent. Dan’s already produced a CD and doing live performances. Most notable, he’s adding his own very impressive improvisation to his playing. You will be hearing a lot more from this young German kid in the future. Dan has a great new website, check it out: www.danpopek.de

LUCIEN OISEL  Here is my newest and most exciting new discovery in Blues Piano. 15 year old Lucien Oisel from France definitely has the talent and the potential to become a future “Blues Legend”. Have a look at his video and I think you’ll agree he is soon going to be a big name in the world of Blues & Boogie Woogie.

It’s Showtime with Wendy DeWitt & ” THE  QUEENS  of  BOOGIE  WOOGIE “.   Here’s something not to be missed if you’re in The USA, “The Queens of Boogie Woogie” Wendy DeWitt, Liz Pennock & Sue Palmer put on an epic Boogie Woogie extravaganza, these 3 ladies are among the best in Blues & Boogie Woogie and really know how to put on a show. Checkout Wendy’s website for details of these and other shows as well. www.wendydewitt.com

Here’s a video of Wendy, Sue and others at a previous “Queens of Boogie Woogie” show. I think you’ll see, it’s a lot of fun.

Here’s another great Youtube discovery. Just a fairly new name on Youtube Andrew Campbell’s channel is sure to grow in popularity once word gets around. Andrew’s from Sydney Australia, listen to his recent upload “Blues for Jimmy Yancey”, you will enjoy his music for sure. I recommend subscribing to his channel, I’m sure he will be uploading lots more great blues piano in the future.

The Bayoogie Club

Here’s some great news if you want to play Blues & Boogie Woogie but you can’t read sheet music or maybe you are new to blues & boogie woogie & struggling with your playing and feel you need some help by a respected Blues and Boogie Woogie artist and teacher. I can recommend Christian Christl at www.bayoogie-club.com

Christian can teach you step by step to play some really great blues and boogie like the famous Texas Barrelhouse boogie in the video below.

Christian offers very easy to follow tutorials in German with English subtitles for a very reasonable membership fee. Just 60 euro for 1 year or you can just join The Bayoogie Club for free. Take a look below, this is just 3 shortened samples of his tutorials. Yes there are lots of tutorial videos on youtube, but when you join the Bayoogie Club you can actually ask a question and you will get an answer. Christian is available to help you learn. They also teach blues guitar if you feel you want to learn to play like the late great BB King.

My next tip is get the blues scales pdf. from our “Free Sheet Music” page and you’ll soon be improvising your own piano blues just by playing around with these widely used scales. Many blues and jazz tunes have been composed by playing around these scales. Throw in some trills, some turnarounds, slide off a few grace notes, and use a few fifths and you will probably be surprised what you can come up with. Also below is a few samples of our other free sheet music. Now on our Free Sheet Music page we have 20 FREE transcriptions and we’ll be adding more soon.

Listen to these 2 recordings “Liberace Boogie”  you’ll be the life of the party when you play this one and also Boogie Woogie music from Meade Lux Lewis & Albert Ammons. You can download and print the notes for FREE, just go to our Free Sheet Music page.

Here’s 2 more great tunes you’ll find on our Free Sheet Music page. A fantastic tune from Oscar Peterson “I Got It Bad & That Ain’t Good” plus the very popular “Bumble Boogie”.

Plus more free sheet music:  Shout For Joy – Albert Ammons, Honky Tonk Train Blues,

Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino

Boogie Woogie Stomp, Monday Struggle, Liberace Xmas Medley

Also: Easy Piano sheets – Boogie Woogie Prayer


This website is run ‘by’ blues piano fans ‘for’ blues piano fans, so rest assured, when you register for our free sheet music, we will never share your email address. As well as the blues scales, we have lots of free Boogie Woogie piano sheet music in printable pdf. and we’re going to be adding a lot more FREE stuff in the future. Together we can “Keep The Blues Alive”

If you love blues piano and you haven’t seen this Blues Piano documentary before, its a must see. Narrated by Clint Eastwood who is also a keen blues pianist, it features a rare duet by Jay McShann and Dave Brubeck, Ray Charles, Dr John, Otis Spann, Oscar Peterson and many many more. Please enjoy.

ATTENTION  JAMES BOOKER  FANS !  if you’re a big fan of New Orleans blues piano legend, James Booker, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this “Audio” documentary.

 BILL  WESTCOTT – “Blues & Boogie’s Best Kept Secret”

Now I’d like to introduce you to the best kept secret in early Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano. ‘Bill Westcott’ Bill’s special interest is the very early blues & boogie artists who laid the foundation for the blues, jazz, rock & roll and rock music that we continue to enjoy 100 years later. You can find Bill on Youtube playing live as he recreates, in high quality video/audio, the compositions of piano legends like, Jimmy Yancey, Jelly Roll Morton, Pinetop Smith and Little Brother Montgomery and more.

These are the guy’s who invented the rhythms, the blues chords & scales, the left hand patterns and all the components that have thrived for 100 years and will continue to be played until eternity. If you’re a fan of those names and the early traditional blues you’re in for a treat when you visit Bill’s Youtube channel because he is a perfectionist and his meticulous delivery of these classic tunes is a very worthwhile listening experience.

Here’s a little more about Bill copied from his website;

William “Bill” Westcott, BMus (Illinois), MM(Southern Illinois) is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Music, York University, Toronto.

Professor Westcott is a pianist, composer, arranger, musicologist and music theorist specializing in African-American and classical music of the 20th century.


A piano player from the age of 8, Bill studied blues piano with “Little Brother” Montgomery, a major blues recording artist of the 1930s and of the later blues revival, alongside his formal university training in music. This experience confirmed him in his life-long interest in early blues and jazz piano styles.

While working occasionally as a soloist and accompanist in classical performance, Bill has performed as a band member in various rock, Dixieland, country and western, ragtime, jazz and blues ensembles for more than 40 years. He has appeared as a pianist and singer in Canadian and American music festivals as well as Canadian radio and television broadcasts.

Here’s just a sample below of what to expect from Bill Westcott.  Click the bottom right hand corner of the videos to go to his Youtube channel.

Also if you enjoy a bit of Ragtime, Bill is definitely your man. Listen to this next recording of him playing a classic Scott Joplin Rag “Elite Syncopations” Even if you’re not a big ragtime fan, the last minute of this recording will have you applauding from your lounge chair, I absolutely guarantee it.

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Hi, I’m Greg, and I’m a Kiwi. I was born and grew up in New Zealand although I now live in Surfers Paradise, Australia (yes, that’s really it’s name) Google it and you’ll see it’s a beautiful place to live and possibly the best climate in the world.

My aim with this website is to promote Blues Piano Music,  Blues Piano Players past, present, & future and to “Keep The Blues Alive” by enabling more pianists to play the kind of blues they only dreamed of playing in the past. I hope, that as this sheet music collection grows, so to will your ability to delight audiences by performing these tunes at home and in public. Imagine if this website could ignite just one persons professional blues career, wouldn’t that be something. Through this website, I’ve already made contact with so many passionate blues piano enthusiasts from every corner of the globe and already it has been so very rewarding. So a big thank you to everyone for your support and all your encouraging emails.


For more great blues and boogie woogie on Youtube look for these below.

Axel Zwingenberger               Vince Weber

Eeco Rijkin Rapp                     Silvan Zingg

Lasse Jensen                           Dan Popek

Daniel Paterok                        lluicoloma

For great coverage of boogie woogie festivals and events check out the youtube channel “TravelChampion”   Also an absolute must for some of the best and rarest boogie woogie videos go to youtube channel “feineszeug”

I’ll be posting more “Blues News” and tips in the future so check back from time to time.


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