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I mostly listen to all my favourite YouTube piano blues on my laptop and have tried various speakers to enhance the sound. I recently discovered the new improved bluetooth speakers from Logitech, the UE Wonderboom.

I ordered one and when it arrived, WOW!! The sound these things pump out is just incredible, I was amazed. I immediately ordered a second one. This is a totally different sound from previous models, much better bass. Don’t be fooled by it’s very small size, these are powerful with great quality sound. When I take my laptop on holiday or over to a friends house, I take my speakers too. They’re small and very tough, they can be dropped, kicked and even submerged in water, no problems. I highly recommend these great little speakers, my friends are just amazed by them. Note you can only pair a maximum of 2. There are a lot of bluetooth speakers available and I tested many but I found 2 of these spread a distance apart is much better than 1 larger more expensive speaker. Don’t expect them to be cheap, they are a high quality, durable speaker from a good company Logitech and well worth the money in my opinion.

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The Best Blues Album In Years !!

This new CD from Mitch Woods is just an awesome blues album, listen below for a sample.

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The Bayou Maharajah

This is the most essential blues viewing ever produced. Get this DVD while it is still available. The story and music of James Booker, the most important and legendary influence in New Orleans Piano Blues. 1 hour 38 mins.

Watch the trailer below

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For The Best Blues Piano Sheet Music On The Planet: CLICK HERE


Best New Piano For the Money !!

If you’re learning to play piano on an old instrument or an old out of tune wooden acoustic piano, that could be holding you back. Many times I’ve seen very old pianos that can’t be tuned for sale with “suit beginner”. Please never try and learn on one of these. It’s so important that you learn on a piano that is 100% in tune and even more important for children so they develop an ear for the correct notes. If you have heard, “an electric piano is not a real piano” forget it. Digital pianos have come a long way since the first electric pianos that sounded nothing like a piano. A modern digital piano’s sound comes from recordings of actual top quality acoustic pianos like Steinway.

Yes, you can’t beat a beautiful grand piano but digital pianos are the best option if you are on a smaller budget. Now there is an affordable digital piano from Roland that is the best piano value for money ever produced. I’m just amazed at the price of this great sounding good quality digital piano. Practice any hour of the day or night, silently with headphones. Never pay for tuning plus it’s very light and easy to take it over to a friends house or elderly relatives to play for them or a special occasion.

Check it out

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“The one single reason you’ll learn faster on a digital piano”

If I had to name one thing that I like the most about a digital piano over an acoustic piano, it’s the ability to play with headphones. One thing that can really hold you back is not being able to practise when the mood takes you because someone else in the house is trying to watch television or hold a conversation. Sometimes you just don’t like practising out of embarrassment because of all the mistakes you make when learning. This is going to kill your progress, you must be able to play anytime you feel like it. Put on the headphones and turn up the volume, there’s nothing like it.

Now, just like everything, the more money you spend the better it gets. The FP30 above is amazing value for money but if you spend more the quality of the sound does improve more. Below is the Roland FP90. This is more money but it is a truly stunning sound and is superior to most average upright pianos.

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Here’s the brand new Roland FP60. Priced in the middle and excellent value.

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Attention Buskers! The fantastic battery powered Roland amp/speaker. Stereo!!

Take your keyboard anywhere and entertain. No mains power needed. This is just a fantastic, easy to carry amp and stereo speaker all in one.

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Here’s my favourite Dr John Albums


Attention Ray Charles Fans. Here’s a great DVD, get one before it’s too late.

Page turner pedal for iPads and tablets.




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